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The Bowen Technique National Migraine Research Program

Posted on 13 January, 2013 at 7:48
The Bowen Technique National Migraine Research Program    

October 2001 to April 2002   

Organised and co-ordinated by Nikke Ariff (Tel: 07941 417441)   

The National Research program was launched by Nikke Ariff in response to results obtained in an earlier Pilot Scheme carried out in February – April 2001.  

Its aim was to determine the efficacy of The Bowen Technique in the treatment of the Migraine condition.  

The Research program was not aiming to achieve a total recovery of the Migraine Volunteer’s condition, but to record any changes in their pattern according to frequency and severity.    

Selection of candidates: 
The Volunteer Group 
No parameters were set before the research program to attract a certain ‘profile’ of Migraine sufferer.  This was deliberate to ensure that the Volunteer Group was random but united by the fact that they were willing to try something new in the treatment of their Migraine condition.  

Selection of candidates: 
The Research Group was based on a considered selection of participants on the basis: 
-          They were diagnosed as a migraine sufferer by a GP or hospital specialist 
-          The women were well represented at different stages of their menstrual life ie. Regular periods, pre- & peri-menopausal, menopausal with / without hormone therapy, post-menopausal, hysterectomy
-          Did not have known food triggers which brought on a Migraine   

The Volunteer Group: 
Profile Of the 39 Volunteers:   
37 women, 2 men 
Length of time been a Migraine sufferer: 
          1 to 15yrs:  13 volunteers
          16 to 30 yrs: 17 volunteers
          over 30 yrs: 9 volunteers     

The Therapists 
All were fully qualified in the Bowen technique and fulfilled the requirements for membership of the governing body  - The Bowen Therapists European Register. 

There were 35 participating therapists in all.   

The Research Program: 
The Program was carried out over a 6-week period. This comprised of a two-week treatment period during which the Volunteer received three Bowen treatments. Followed by a four-week observational period. 

The Migraine Volunteer kept a migraine diary throughout the 6-week period, which was completed after every Migraine attack experienced during the Research Period and submitted to the therapist.   

The Results of the Bowen Technique National Migraine Research Program 
Of the 39 participants: 
Only 7 registered No Change in their Migraine condition 
10 experienced a decrease in frequency of attacks 
9 experienced a decrease in severity of their Migraine 
11 experienced a decrease in severity and frequency of attacks 
1 participant experienced an increase in frequency   

In all, 31 case studies experienced a positive result, yielding a response rate of 79.5% and matching the Pilot Scheme response rate of 80%.       

Attitude towards The Bowen Technique at the end of the program: 
36 of the 39 Volunteers said they would recommend Bowen as a treatment. 

Below are quotes from some of the Migraine Volunteers:   

“I have had more energy and Migraine-free time”. 

“It’s the only treatment apart from Triptans that has helped my migraines” 

“I have been so used to frequent Migraines, I can’t quite mentally adjust to not having pain.” 

“The most relaxing and enjoyable of any treatments I have previously tried.” 

“After the 2 treatment, I had 9 days without Migraines which was wonderful.” 

“I feel I am more calm since having the treatment.”

“I do not feel Migraine is now inevitable.” 

“I generally feel improvement & that I might be able to find relief or a cure for my Migraines other than taking medication.” 

“During treatment, my attacks were less severe and shorter and I was able to get back to work a lot quicker.” 

“I feel more able to participate in activities without fear of an attack.” 

“I feel more relaxed and don’t feel my migraines rule my life anymore.” 

“I am extremely happy with the outcome and will probably continue a maintenance treatment as it was so pleasant and relaxed me, which I feel I need.” 

“Pain lasts a shorter time. I feel better quicker, so not so ‘fragile’ for so long.”   

The Bowen technique: 
Bowen is a gentle, non-invasive, ‘hands-on’ therapy. It treats the body as a single integrated system and is therefore suitable for all ages from newborn babies to the very elderly, from the fit and active to the critically ill. 

The practitioner uses thumbs and fingers on precise points around the body to make rolling type movements. The pressure used is light, never more than what your eyeball could comfortably bear. 

It is a distinctive feature of Bowen that after a sequence of moves, the practitioner leaves the room for a minimum of two minutes to allow your body to respond to and process the moves.   

Is Bowen recognised by the medical profession? 
An increasing number of doctors and GP practices are showing interest in Bowen and even introducing Bowen therapists into their practices precisely because it is so effective. 

Although the reason why it works may so far not be fully understood, they operate on the basis of “If it works, don’t knock it.”  

The results are very positive.  As a holistic therapy, Bowen treats the individual as an integrated biodynamic system as opposed to just treating an isolated ailment. 

Migraines can be triggered by any one or a combination of factors ranging from hormonal, sleeping patterns, neck and jaw tightness, exercise, travel, lack of food, allergies and stress levels of the individual. 

These factors are so varied, that a holistic therapy like Bowen must be considered as a valid option for the treatment of the Migraine condition. 

Contents provided by the European School of Bowen Studies (ECBS)
For further details about the Bowen Technique please contact Karen on 01954 260 982 / 07714 995 299 or email [email protected]  

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Reply ANU Foundation program
5:42 on 26 February, 2013 
Thank you for sharing about this research program it was useful to me. Keep sharing such guidelines in future.