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The Bowen Technique Working with chronic infections

Posted on 13 January, 2013 at 11:50
Today’s Therapist International Trade Journal   -   Issue 21  Mar Apr 2003    

The Bowen Technique Working with chronic infections                               
by Janie Godfrey

The Bowen Technique, in most cases, is able to bring about a lasting resolution to whatever complaint has been treated.  It is believed that this is because it is the body’s own resources that have been rallied into action by Bowen.  

This seems to be the case for things as divergent as musculo-skeletal disorders to migraines, infant colic to chronic fatigue syndrome.  This same process has been seen to work well with cases of chronic infection, where the fighting resources of the body are needed to do their special work.   

A year or so ago, Bowen Technique practitioner Julian Wilson, of Hexham, Northumberland, treated Mrs P, a woman in her late 60’s who had been suffering from a long term, low-grade infection for at least 18 months.  The problem was focused in the lymphatics mainly on her left side.   

Her doctors had had her on course after course of antibiotics for the past year, trying many different varieties.  No other treatment was offered.  The infection, and the constant onslaught of antibiotics, left Mrs P feeling tired, lethargic and unwell and the natural, healthy bacteria in her digestive track were being wiped out by the antibiotics.    

When she came for Bowen treatment with Julian she had generalised pain and restricted movement in her left shoulder, radiating through to her back.  She also had pain and discomfort in the breast tissue, a clogged lung and shallow breathing.    

After giving Mrs P her first Bowen treatment Julian sent her away with instructions to drink lots and lots of water and to do as much gentle walking as she felt able to do.    Two days later, Mrs P was on the phone to Julian to report the most dramatic breakthrough – literally.  She had had a massive onset of coughing and brought up quite a bit of infected sputum.  A large number of boils had erupted all down her left arm, which were green, poisonous and suppurating.   Her body was now doing an efficient, if dramatic, job of isolating and expelling the infection.    

Wonderfully, the boils cleared within the week and didn’t leave any scarring.  The surface of the skin was just red and raw for a bit before it healed completely.  In addition, her lungs were clear and she brightened up considerably.    

Much success has also been achieved with infections linked with hayfever and especially sinusitis.  

In one case, a lady who had suffered from chronic sinusitis for 14 years, had had four operations, with the last one making matters much worse.  

After a course of Bowen treatment the condition completely cleared and she has remained clear without any further treatment for some 15 months.  

In a similar case, infection of the right side of the sinus had continued for a year and a half and a third operation was scheduled.  Within a short time after commencing Bowen, the infection stopped and the sinus cleared soon after.  This patient had been taking 6 Anadin a day for the whole period of infection.  By the end of the Bowen treatment programme, she needed none.    

Bowen practitioners regularly ask their patients to drink plenty of water every day and to make sure they engage in a few moments of gentle movement at least every 30 minutes for the first day or two after treatment.  

These common sense instructions help the body to make the most of the Bowen treatment and would be particularly helpful in cases of long-term or deeply seated infection.    

© E.C.B.S Janie Godfrey is a Bowen Technique practitioner in Frome and has been in practice since 1998. 

Contents provided by the European School of Bowen Studies (ECBS)   

For further details about the Bowen Technique please contact Karen on 01954 260 982 / 07714 995 299 or email [email protected]

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8:52 on 20 February, 2013 
The Bowen Technique is great working on chronic infections .The fighting resources of the body are needed to do their special work.
8:31 on 23 September, 2014 
Thank you, I actually have recently been searching for info concerning this subject for lasting and yours is the best I even have discovered so far.