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Bowen Technique By Karen

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Bowen Technique by Karen

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Bowen – What’s It All About?

Posted on 21 March, 2014 at 6:08
BOWEN – What’s It All About?

Being quite an active person over the years I have suffered various injuries and general aches and pains. Due to an accident I had in my teenage years I have been prevented from doing high impact sports such as running as it causes severe knee pain. I have found Pilates invaluable for realigning my body, strengthening the muscles around my joints and generally helping me to avoid lower back and knee pain.

In the past I have tried osteopathy, reiki, sports massage and even visited a chiropractor to treat minor sports injuries mainly in my neck and shoulders. 

Nearly everyone I have seen have come up with similar conclusions, due to the trauma I suffered from my accident my body has mis-aligned in the pelvis causing other parts of the body to over-compensate. This has led to, amongst other things, my left foot turning inwards and my right shoulder becoming slumped.

Now don’t worry, these are all subtle differences, I don’t go around looking like Quasimodo but this imbalance and over-compensating is generally what leads to aches and pains in all of us.

Up until recently I had never heard of Bowen but it has been cited in the media as a miracle cure for treating not only recent but underlying and long-term health problems. After a friend suggested I tried Bowen I started to do a little research and this is what I came up with…

The Bowen Technique is becoming recognised as one of the most effective complementary therapies. Developed in the 1950’s by an Australian chiropractor Tom Bowen, this remarkably powerful technique encourages the body’s realignment from within. Bowen addresses the body as a whole and aims to get to the root of a problem.

This all sounded great – particularly the part about treating the body as a whole, so when I found the Bowen Way just up the road in Stoke Newington I had to give it a try. 

My practitioner Marty Fabianova, who is not only a specialist at treating sports injuries but is making it her goal to help women to get balanced and attuned in their body and mind, suggested three sessions to cover my catalogue or ‘symptoms’. She described Bowen to me like this

“The use of Bowen is very versatile. It helps the body to relax, recharge and realign. Therefore it is very effective for almost any body ailment, but especially musculoskeletal problems – pains, aches, tight muscles, pulled ligaments etc. Bear Grylls swears by it, as it helped him recover after a parachute jump that went wrong. And as he says, it helps him to keep his body in shape after all the ‘bashing’ he puts it through.”

Prior to my first session, I filled out a brief questionnaire covering my health history, how I felt in terms of pain (1-10) and where I felt it using a diagram.

As it was quite difficult for me to get to the clinic during working hours, Marty arranged to come and treat me at home. At my first appointment, Marty made me feel totally at ease and thoroughly explained how the treatment works and sensations I may feel.

After looking at my posture and making answering a few questions about how I was feeling that day we began the treatment. I lay on the bed face down and Marty performed a series of light moves on one part of my body before leaving the room to let my body listen to what it had been told and start to change. Her hands felt like they grew hot as they made the moves which gave a feeling of energy passing between us. When I was left alone, I experienced a tingling sensation running up and down my legs – not unlike how your muscles start to twitch after doing exercise.

Marty repeated this a few times on different parts of my body each time leaving the room to allow my brain to ‘talk’ to my body and let the healing process begin. Once the session was over Marty asked how I felt and explained the treatment would continue to work over the next few days and weeks. We arranged an appointment for 7 days later to continue the treatment.

Over the next few days I felt like subtle changes were beginning in my body but most significantly my mind, I felt more open, more positive and energised.

At my next appointment Marty made an assessment of the changes which had been going on in my physical and mental state. And looked back at the previous week’s pain levels to see if any had gone up, down, or remained the same. At week 2 all the areas I had felt pain in the week before had reduced, some significantly. We continued with the treatment and this time it felt like Marty had gone into greater depth and we had a stronger connection. In the periods of rest when Marty left the room, I felt the sensations were stronger, sometimes I felt an intense tingling up and down my legs, radiating around my knees.

Over the next week I noticed my posture changing, where before my right shoulder would slump causing pain in my neck during the weights section of Frame METHOD, I could see in the mirror they looked more even and I felt no pain. I really felt on great form throughout the following week and was looking forward to my last session. Unfortunately towards the end of the week I fell, injuring both my knees and causing pain and difficulty walking, cycling or even bending, it made it impossible to kneel down and made sleeping very uncomfortable. I emailed Marty and explained what had happened and she suggested in the next session we focussed on the areas of most recent injury.

In our next session, although I had a fresh injury, Marty thought she felt an improvement in the tension throughout my body. The next session continued as before and again I felt a strong tingling sensation of energy rushing through me. At the end of the session Marty and I chatted about how the treatment had gone and the benefit of Bowen for both long term chronic injury and more recent acute pain.

In the next week I recovered fairly quickly and began to feel my energy levels improving. Now, a month on, I am completely healed and I have really noticed a change. Not only has my posture improved and my pain levels decreased but I really feel energised and positive. We are all aware of the ‘placebo’ effect but Bowen is a way, not of tricking your mind but of accessing those neurological pathways which are so often blocked by modern life.

If you attend Yoga classes at Frame you will know that we are holistic beings and the power of the mind is so powerful, it can help overcome pain and push your body to achieve phenomenal goals. One of my favourite pieces of ‘Frame advice’ is…

“when your body wants to give up just hold on for three more breaths”

…and it works! Proving the body gives up well before the mind and once you can control your mind, you can control your body. The beauty of Bowen is that all the hard work is done for you, you just need to allow it to happen.

I’m so thankful to Marty for introducing me to the Bowen Way.

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Frame Blog
Feb 2014

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