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Your News: The Bowen is a technique like no other

Posted on 24 May, 2014 at 13:29
Your News: The Bowen is a technique like no other
by Louise Dunthorne

The Bowen Technique is a form of body work unlike any other where the therapist is not in constant contact with the body, this is normal and an important part of the treatment.

Imagine, lying face down on a treatment couch where gentle rolling movements are being applied to different parts of the body; warmth or a tingling sensation is often felt over the area just worked. The therapist leaves the room for a few minutes (the breaks). A deep sense of relaxation is felt. The therapist returns and applies more of the moves and disappears again. This pattern continues, turn on to your back and the treatment resumes in a similar style. Often clients may feel like drifting off to sleep this is 

‘The breaks’ are fundamental: a dialogue has started between the brain and the body’s systems so the body can heal itself, Bowen therapists work on the fascia, the connective tissue that wraps around muscles, which they believe can become twisted and cause pain – often somewhere else as the body compensates for the original injury.

Most clients visit their Bowen therapist for muscular-skeletal problems: such as, frozen shoulder, back pain or sporting injuries. It is also beneficial for asthma, arthritis and migraine sufferers, to name a few. It is recommend to try Bowen for almost anything.

Sometimes a client will visit their Bowen Therapist about a particular problem to find that a different ailment has disappeared. Bowen therapists are finding that the body priorities what it wants to heal first. An example of this is when seeing a gentleman with a bad back who failed to mention he had suffered with eczema all his life and suddenly realised after a week his eczema had disappeared. Now how many people would say that was just a coincidence, what would you think?

Have at least 3 sessions to allow your body to hold the changes taking place. Most clients will visit their therapist once a week for two or three weeks then like to have a ‘top up’ between four to eight weeks some manage to go longer between a treatment.

After a first treatment most clients will get up and say. ‘Oh is that it! or, that was really weird but extremely relaxing’!

Children respond very well to Bowen they only need to have a short treatment it can help with poor sleep patterns, growing pains, baby colic, eczema and all sorts of child related problems. Children’s Bowen Clinics are popping up all over the country and many therapists will treat children at a reduced rate.

Depending on the tensions the body is holding, changes take time, don’t expect instant relief, have patience the treatment will continue to work for about a week after a session and the changes can be subtle.

There are now a thousand practitioners in Britain, and it has a diverse fan base, including celebrities such as Elle Macpherson, footballer Dwight Yorke and adventurer Bear Grylles.

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